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O N E  S T O P  F O R  A L L  Y O U R  E V E N T DECOR  N E E D S

BigStar Events specializes in creating beautiful and unique Weddings, Social Engagements and Corporate Events. We provide a multitude of luxurious decor packages that will surely make any occasion unforgettable. Your coordinator will collaborate with you to create a setting that is tailored to your vision. During the complimentary initial consultation, you will have the opportunity to look through our portfolio, learn more about our services and ask questions. Once we determine what services are needed, a proposal will be created and customized especially to your needs. 



Throne Chairs Detroit

We have the largest selection of Rental Throne Chairs & Couches in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. With our sleek colors and styles, we are  sure to make your party pop!


Reflections Event Space

We have modern luxury event spaces with a wide range of amenities to service all your event needs. Two newly remodeled locations. Bothvenue’s have an open floor plan of over 1600 square feet that can cater to any intimate event.

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